Gold Mirror Italian Restaurant


About Us


We carefully source every item we buy, and make our food the old fashioned way: fresh, in house, from scratch.


From the sauces to the desserts and back again, we make it all.  Alright, so we don't have the machine to make round pastas, or fry our own cannoli shells, and a ladyfinger is just a ladyfinger, but everything we don't make we source as carefully as we possibly can to ensure the quality and consistency that makes our food so good.

Raised in the restaurant by their parents, Chefs Domenico and Roberto Di Grande take great pride in every dish they serve.  Rolling out fresh pasta and hand mixing sponge cake are the little things that make the big difference in the quality of food we put on the table.  From the Cheesecake della Nonna made in coffee mugs to the Prosciutto Tortellini stuffed late at night with the latest Netflix craze on in the background, we take the time to ensure that the best ingredients and the old traditions make a happy, modern masterpiece on the plate.



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